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Erica & Kris | St. Louis Wedding Photographer

This weekend was just so much fun! While it was a bit harder shooting two weddings in one weekend at 32 weeks pregnant, I still had an absolute blast working alongside Justin and his younger brother, Jordan, to capture Erica & Kris' wedding day!

Erica and her bridesmaids sipped mimosas while getting ready at The Legends Country Club in Eurkea, MO. In their monogrammed shirts and matching shorts, the girls' anticipation was rising while waiting for Erica to get in her dress. Kris mentioned that someone asked Erica if she was going to get cold feet and she said she would just wear thicker socks. While wearing a robe made from her mom's wedding dress and feet decked out in thick socks, Erica admired her wedding dress before doing a first look with her dad.

There were tears, lots of happy tears, throughout the entire day. Starting with mom as she watched Erica get her makeup finished by Shannon of STL Glam by Shan. And they didn't stop when Erica and her dad did their …
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Lauren & Troy Get Married | St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Last October, I had chatted with a gal who’s boyfriend had booked a wedding venue for the following year and she was looking for a photographer. A few days later I received a call from her boyfriend explaining the situation and his plan to propose the following weekend.

Forest Park was packed the day Troy planned on proposing. Art Hill was covered with people flying kites, enjoying picnics, and taking in the bright red trees that line the tops of the hill. J and I waited in disguise for Troy and Lauren to come to the appointed spot and capture Lauren’s surprise as Troy asked her to marry him. A quick head nod and kiss confirmed, and the rest of the wedding planning officially started.
In the spring, at a mini session, Lauren and Troy told us of their new, exciting opportunity for them to move to Switzerland for Lauren’s job. While we were sad to see them leave the States, we have enjoyed living vicariously through their instagram posts and can’t wait until baby Rhett is here and we c…