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Wednesday, January 27, 2021 St. Louis, MO, USA

If you're reading this post, I can probably guess you're either a super fan and just read all my posts (THANK YOU FOR THAT!) or you're a Bride or Groom that's trying to determine if a first look is a good fit for you. I personally love first looks, in fact my biggest regret is not doing a first look on our wedding day, because of reason number two!

If you've never heard of a first look, check out this blog post! 

Here are my top five reasons for you to have a first look: 

It gives you time together you might not get throughout the day. 

Your wedding day will go by so quickly! Once the ceremony starts, it’s kind of a blur until the end of the night when everyone is gone and you’re heading off on your honeymoon. Having a first look allows you two some time to soak it all in and remind each other how excited you are to spend the rest of your life together. Besides, a bride spends a lot of time picking the perfect dress for her big day so a groom needs some time to gush! 

It eases nerves. 

I was not a crier when J and I got married, but I promise to goodness, I bawled when I started walking down the aisle. I absolutely hate my walking down the aisle pictures with my red face and ugly cry. 

If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about walking down the aisle, having a first look with the person who brings you peace will be just what you need! 

It helps your timeline.


Once your ceremony is over, we go straight into formal family pictures. If we haven’t done any pictures of the Mr. & Mrs. or the Bridal Party we do that following the family pictures. If you are wanting to have your ceremony and reception timed closely together, this forces us to rush with pictures and usually causes our couples to miss spending time with their family and friends during the cocktail hour. We know you picked the best appetizer for that time, you might as well get to enjoy them! ;) 

It allows you to get more pictures.


Having the first look out of the way means you have more time to do photos, video, and possibly some really neat shots on the drone. Some couples have multiple locations they would like to go for bridal party pictures, which this extra time allows for. If having lots of images of the two of you and your bridal party is one of your focuses for your wedding day, then I totally recommend a first look! 

It allows you an emotional montage on film and photo.

There’s several timeline/logistical aspects where a first look helps, but at the end of the day the only thing you have left is the photos, videos, and the memories. Capturing your first look on photo and film is a beautiful way to preserve those memories. 

Still deciding if a first look is right for you on your wedding day? Check out these recent blog posts all about First Looks. 

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